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Hagerty Jewellery Cleaning

Over the years many people have come up with creative ways of cleaning their jewellery, from toothpaste to Gin. Not unsurprisingly some of these have had devastating effects.

Wild Trout recommends the Hagerty professional cleaning range. Time and again, it has proved to be the best, and it is great value too.

You can buy the complete Hagerty range from Wild Trout store. Free Delivery in Australia.


What’s the best way to care for Pearls?

“Jewellery doesn’t last forever but with care and regular checks it can last a lifetime or two”

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Pearls are a special gift of nature, to ensure lasting pleasure and prevent accidental damage, follow these guidelines:

  • Store your Pearls separately.
  • Try not to knock your Pearls against sharp or hard surfaces.
  • Do not drop Pearls into handbags etc. without first placing them in their pouch.
  • After each wear, wipe your Pearls with a soft damp cloth to remove any build up of body oils or perspiration.
  • Occasionally clean your Pearls in warm water using a mild pure soap – not detergent.
  • Rinse and pat dry thoroughly with a soft clean cloth before storing.
  • Pearls should never have contact with detergents, bleach, cleaning solutions or sonic cleaners.
  • Try to avoid direct contact with perfume, makeup, shampoo and hairspray which can all eat away the lustre of your pearls.
  • Restring your Pearls every 1 or 2 years. Ensure they are knotted separately to prevent scratching.
  • Pearls thrive on moisture, so avoid this by storing in a very dry place or jewel purse.
  • Do the right thing and your Pearls will become an heirloom, worn lovingly for generations to come.
Pearl re-stringing is available at the Workshop - Open 6 days

What is the difference between freshwater and South Sea Pearls?


Both varieties are cultured pearls, grown in an oyster shell with a little help from mankind. Freshwater pearls are relatively cheap to produce in shallow water and don't grow to the size or obtain the lustre of the South Sea Pearls.

South Sea Pearls are notoriously difficult to produce, because the oysters which produce them are found in the deep pristine waters of Northern Australia, often troubled by cyclones and tsunamis.