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Repairs Price Guide

We often get inquiries about the cost of remodelling or repairing older jewellery, and love bringing worn or damaged jewellery back to it's beautiful best. Our preference is for a jeweller to actually see your piece of jewellery or watch in person. However, you can easily email us your jewellery photos - ideally a good close up - and repair request and we will give you a free quote right away.

Wild Trout - Repairs Price Guide:

  • Chain soldering from - $20.00
  • Ring resize - smaller from - $44.00
  • Ring resize - larger from $65.00
  • Jewellery clean and polish from - $20.00
  • Clean, polish and Rhodium plating a ring - $49.95
  • Gold and silver clasps replaced from $24.95 for silver and $34.95 for gold
  • Safety chains supplied and soldered from $29.95 for silver and $90.00 for gold
  • Rethreading necklaces from $42.95 and bracelets from $24.95
  • Valuations and written appraisals from $49.95
  • Engraving starts at $29.95 for simple inscriptions
  • Melting down clients' gold to remake a new piece of jewellery such as a simple wedding ring, engagement ring or bangle - labour $200.

Please note, the diverse nature of jewellery repairs, means prices vary relative to the difficulty of the job and time required to do the work. The prices above serve as a guide only.

David is a qualified jeweller with 30 years experience, also a qualified gemologist, diamond grader, diamond and gemstone setter.